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TBK Home Dining Experiences:

TBK is an experimental lunch concept where we invite a maximum of 25 friends (or friends of friends) to our home, over the weekend for a mouthwatering 7 course Bohri meal. The Bohri Kitchen is a perfect place to experience authentic and delicious Bohri cuisine cooked by our Mom Chef – Nafisa Kapadia and curated by Our Chief Eating Officer – Munaf Kapadia. Served in a traditional but not-so traditional way, TBK will certainly leave you in the #BohriFoodComa with some lip smacking dishes.

To know more about our upcoming events:

The Lagan ni Seekh & Krim Tikka Special - 22 July & 23 July 2017



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TBK Express:

TBK introduces it’s Home Delivery Services. Enjoy Our Mom Chef – Nafisa Kapadia’s secret magical recipes at your doorstep. Place your order on the online portals and experience the bohri food coma at your house or the location of your choice. The Legendary TBK Raan and the Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosa are now delivered across the city!


Order Now! – http://thebohrikitchen.com/order-online or Call on 9029020285, 8693019936

Travelling TBK:

Mumbai's most popular Home Dining Experience is now mobile! Travelling TBK!
If you haven't already experienced the Home Dining at The Kapadia residence, fret not!
Travelling TBK aims to bring to you Nafisa Aunty's home made magic coupled with the same hospitality and the same host with the funny moustache to take you through a 7-course authentic Bohri meal.
Served in traditional style at your home or a venue of your choice.
Perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries to family get togethers.

Previous clients:

Rani Mukherji & Aditya Chopra

Previous Events:

Eid Special at Yiamas: The Experimental Space
Iftaar Special: Magazine Street Kitchen
Ramadan Special: The Pond Room, Great Eastern Mills