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The Bohri Kitchen, Worli, Mumbai || Munaf Kapadia Food entrepreneur who quit Google to sell Samosas
48 hour marinated Raan which can shoulder your burdens and smoked mutton kheema samosas which requires a how-to-eat instruction manual. Welcome to The Bohri Kitchen.

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Dear non bohri, Your time is now

Bohri cuisine has always been beyond your grasp. You had to beg bohri friends, gatecrash bohri weddings to get a spoonful of that bohri biryani, khichda, raan or dabba gosht!

We are here to change that. Starting now, TBK (aka The Bohri Kitchen) will bring to you some of the best the bohri community has to offer. Recipes devised in the kitchen of a super talented (and extremely adorable) bohri's mother Nafisa Kapadia.

Warning, side effects include


Kaari Chawal & Jeera Rice. Chicken Curry made of imli and various dry fruits. Served with Jeera Rice & Khammi Roti.

Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosas. Each Patti Samosa is stuffed with smoked minced lamb meat, coriander, mint leaves and spring onions.

Feeding Non Bohris since Jan 2015

Nafisa’s son, Munaf was frustrated watching his mother sitting at home, playing housewife and vying away her time & talent watching saas-bahu shows. So he sent an email to a few of his friends, telling them about ‘The Bohri Kitchen’ – a place where they could come and eat his mothers food, at his house that Saturday for a certain fee. 4 hours later – the first TBK was sold out.

What started as a small project slowly turned into a mini revolution where Nafisa’s smoked mutton kheema samosas and 2 day marinated raan suddenly became a hot topic amongst foodies across Bombay. Few mentions in newspapers, blogs, radio and TV channels later, TBK became Bombay-famous.